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The entrant agrees to release, indemnify, defend any party from any liability, any claim for damages, and/or lawsuit for or by reason of the mentioned submission as a result of any submission, revision, alteration or similar thereof. The entrant also acknowledges and agrees and therefore covenants not to sue or make any claim against any party related to an entrant’s submission or any individual participation or involvement in the competition in any way whatsoever, or any use thereof.

Under no circumstances shall or can the entrant be entitled to any loss or damage, which include attorney’s fees. Any dispute, claim and legal action arising from or connected with this competition, or any prizes awarded or potentially awarded therein, shall be resolved without resort to any form of legal action or class action.  Should an entrant choose to bring a claim against Design Whack or its agents the entrant shall pay Design Whack or any party’s reasonable attorney fees and its legal costs arising from the claim, should it fail. Nothing herein will constitute a waiver of the entrant’s or participant’s legal rights or any rights any party may have to take against the entrant or the participant. 


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Notification About Changes

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